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Renovations, Repairs & Refinishing

Building and office renovations will protect your investments. Our contractors will repair damaged kitchens, bathrooms, attics, garages, walls, ceilings, stairs, roofs, brickwork framing cement drive ways and sidewalks. We replace old windows, doors, plumbing, electrical systems, and refinish floors and wood work..

Kitchen Design.Remodeling& Installations

Our kitchen design consultant will help you choose the architectural style, color scheme and space planning. Then our team of craftsmen, electricians and plumbers will complete your kitchen remodeling with installations of cabinetry, countertops, faucets, lighting appliances, tiles and linoleum.

Room Additions & Garage Construction

Addition of extra rooms will expand the size and increase the property value of your home, office or rental property construction of a garage will protect your car, add storage space, provide work areas and gives the children a secure playroom. Add a second story apartment over your garage for rental income. Build a storage shed in your backyard to store lawn tools and large items.

Windows & Doors Replacements

Replace those old windows, doors, skylights& screens with beautiful energy efficient windows and doors, custom ordered and build your home. Add classic style to your home with construction of artistically designed wooden/ metal doors and windows.

Building Construction

Our construction consultant will meet you to discuss your requirements, aspirations and budget. Then expert architects and engineers will purpose detailed blueprints for your building construction project. Finally, our team of carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, electricians, painters and other building contractors will design and build your new house, garage, apartment, office or commercial building..